About Us

Established in 1995, A-nathstudio is committed to the development and design of residential, commercial, and workspace environments. Our holistic approach relies on collaboration among diverse professionals and technological experts to formulate cohesive design solutions.

The studio's design philosophy centers around the objective of crafting top-tier "artifacts," encompassing both architectural structures and design elements. This principle manifests as the seamless integration of aesthetic functionality, cultural values, operational necessities, and technical expertise.

A-nathstudio distinguishes itself through its multidisciplinary design interventions spanning private residences, offices, and public spaces. Our purview covers the entire spectrum of design practices, spanning from the inception of new constructions to meticulous renovations, with a specific emphasis on interior design. The meticulous attention given to design, suggestions, minimalism, and graphics underscores the refined sensitivity we have cultivated over the years for both visual and conceptual dimensions.

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